Planning distinctive events specializing in orchestrating exceptional weddings and events for clients whose tastes and standards match their impeccable lives.

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Planning Opulent Washington, D.C. Weddings and Events Internationally

Your extraordinary event begins right here. 

Distinctive Events by Veronica Cole & Co. stands as a renowned event and wedding planning company, serving clients in Washington, D.C., NYC, Miami, Croatia, Istanbul, and beyond.

Crafting Tailored Experiences Around the Globe

• Our capabilities extend to executing events of various scopes, from intimate social gatherings to grand corporate functions.

• Our forte lies not only in designing weddings and events but also in crafting unforgettable experiences for our clients and their guests.

• Specializing in planning designing, and producing opulent weddings and engaging events for our valued clients.


Client praise

“Veronica and her team’s guidance is invaluable. Their wisdom, and insight were evident in every decision, ensuring flawless event execution. From the subtle notes of the room’s fragrance to custom-embroidered linens and the curation of a multi-course menu for our guests.

When it came to entrusting a team to design, plan, and produce our monumental event, we had absolute confidence that BVC & Co. was the only choice.”

– Scot Vanderpool

Meet Veronica

an international wedding and event planner, who brings a wealth of knowledge, a global perspective, and a passion for creating moments that leave lasting impressions.

With twenty-five years of experience, Veronica has honed her skills to provide a broad spectrum of services that cater to the unique preferences of her diverse clientele.

She is the trusted wedding planner and event producer that Washington, D.C. turns to for its most exclusive occasions, offering comprehensive planning, design, and event management services on a global scale.

Whether you’re seeking an event or wedding planner for the Hamptons, the world’s most luxurious islands, or anywhere in between, Veronica and her team are here to assist you.

To request a personalized event proposal tailored to your specific needs, contact BVC & Co.

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